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New Blog Software

Been lazy here recently updating the blog, mainly because Octopress was a pain to create a new post in (see I've moved the blog over

Red Hat Certified


Over the last few months I've been working towards passing the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam and I did last week. I already passed my Red Hat Certified System

salt-cloud & RackConnect

 linux, rackspace

The development versions of salt-cloud and the libcloud project from the Apache Foundation recently added support for deploying RackConnected instances on the Rackspace Public Cloud. Here's how to get it

bind97 on cPanel

 linux, cPanel

Some Perl module hacking to allow you to use the bind97 packages on CentOS 5 with cPanel. First removing the normal bind packages and installing the bind97 ones: cp -Rf

OMG Malwares!!!


Here's a post thats been a very long time coming. The process of sumbitting all my malware samples to VirusTotal has finally completed with a grand total of 2,683,