Projects Update

As a somewhat typical computer/linux nerd, I've always got a few different and interesting to me personal projects going on. Here's the rundown on some of them.

Mate on Fedora

Somewhat prompted by a bug report at work and me always liking a bit of a challenege, I'm currently working on compiling Mate (a GNOME 2 Fork) for Fedora. This has been quite a learning experience so far, as most of my work prior to has been in Debian/Ubuntu.

This in a way is somewhat duplicated effort since there is already a guy out there who's been able to get it successfully compiled (see here), however with it being hosted on a Dropbox it doesn't exactly make the IT team super excited about using it. Hell if nothing else its a learning experience for me. Once I get it done and the repo published I'll update here and maybe put together some sort of guide too.

Malware Collection

My malware collection is still steadily increasing, even though its not something I really mess with or need on a day-to-day basis since I'm no longer working with Windows clients at $DAYJOB. The collection as a whole is over 2.3 million unique samples (2,315,152 to be exact) with about 2.1 million of those samples submitted to VirusTotal.

The VirusTotal submission process has been going for about 7 months straight now; the code I'm using to do it is a slightly modified version of the script found in my MalwareTools GitHub repo (find it on the sidebar). Its a bit ugly and hackish but in the end it works for what I need it to.

I'll get a list of all my unique MD5s uploaded here soon too in case someone is looking for a particular sample.

The End

I think that's all for now; if I come up with something else I suppose it'll warrant another post.