International Dialing with Twilio and FreePBX

Just some quick notes on how I went about getting International Dialing working with my personal FreePBX server and a Twilio Elastic SIP Trunk. Twilio requires E.164 formatted numbers

Blog Update

Finally have gotten around to updating the blog here with the latest version of Ghost along with a new theme.. Here's to working on keeping it more updated for the

Even More Malwares!

Well, my malware project at hit the 6 million mark sometime last week.. the scrapers and such are continuing to add new samples all the time. On top

perf-tools for RHEL 6

I've forked Brendan Gregg's excellent perf-tools repository in order to put in various fixes to ensure compatibility with RHEL/CentOS 6. The fixes shouldn't cause any issues with other non-RHEL

Chinese BitTorrent DDoS Mitigation

 linux, apache, ddos

Here lately there's been lots of talk about the Great Firewall of China DNS posioning and inadvertently (?) DDoS'ing a servers all over.. The typical requests look similar to this: 125.