Chinese BitTorrent DDoS Mitigation

 linux, apache, ddos

Here lately there's been lots of talk about the Great Firewall of China DNS posioning and inadvertently (?) DDoS'ing a servers all over.. The typical requests look similar to this: 125.

Ugly one-liner for gzip'ed gzip files


Had to rig up this one-liner to un-screw a situation were logrotate was configured to rotate and compress all files in a directory, including ones that had already been rotated

Converting VMAX NAA Values

 linux, san

Quick bash script I put together to convert VMAX NAAs into the values seen within PowerPath on Linux hosts. There's a PowerShell script floating around the internet to do the

HBA/bfa bio.c panic on boot

 linux, san

Came across a server with dual Broadcom/QLogic 815 HBAs that was failing to boot with the following error and dropping into debug mode: LOG Firmware heartbeat failure at 0

raxmon - Malformed Response

 linux, rackspace

From Github Issues Page When using the latest version of raxmon (a.k.a. Rackspace Monitoring CLI) you might get the following error: $ raxmon-entities-list Traceback (most recent call last): File